October 20, 2021

Waffle of the Month with Matt ‘Waffles’ Berzins | White Chocolate Rasp-Scary

About the Author “Those who know me well may know me by the nickname ‘Waffles’, which suffices to say, I’m a big fan. The crisp crust, […]
September 14, 2021

NEW! Public Improvement District Report Available Online!

  NEW! Public Improvement District Report Our new PID Report will ensure you are in compliance with the new TDI requirements regarding release and notification of Public […]
August 30, 2021

A Message from the CEO | Prioritizing Culture

As I write this, we seem to find ourselves once again working in a “hybrid” environment. With Covid-19 cases on the rise in our communities once […]
August 25, 2021

(TX) PID Disclosures: What are they and how do they affect my closing? | Industry Articles

Starting September 1st, there’s a new legal requirement on all property sales in Texas, and it has the potential to cause problems if not addressed correctly […]
July 1, 2021

Title 101: What Is A Title Commitment? | Industry Articles

Buying a home can be a whirlwind.  Most homebuyers are focused on the inspection report, their loan approval and mortgage paperwork, not to mention planning their […]
June 18, 2021

A Message from the CEO | Accomplished Design. Exceptional Service.

I was recently asked about the meaning of our company slogan, “Accomplished Design. Exceptional Service”. Being put on the spot, I initially fumbled around for words […]